About Us

Main priority in conducting our business is to be a leading global container terminal management company. We intend to accomplish this by presenting an efficient and integrated system of transport and distribution to give our clients a competitive advantage in the world of commerce. We will also accomplish this by maintaining our reputation for efficiency, reliability, professionalism and profitability. We believe that if we focus on our goals and live up to our commitments, profitability will follow.

Opérations Portuaires Mauritaniennes S.A (OPM) is located in Port de l’Amité Nouakchott and start managing the container handling activities in 2015. OPM is a major logistics gateway in Nouakchott (Mauritania) to the world. Nouakchott port handles more than 75 percent of Mauritanian's trade and is the largest business center in the country.

As Mauritanian's premier container terminal, OPM is committed to strengthening its role as the country's maritime gateway. Its ongoing investments in modern IT systems and mobile equipment are constantly improving its levels of productivity, efficiency and customer service while its advanced communication systems provide instant information exchange between the Terminal and Shipping Lines.

OPM remains committed to continually improving container terminal services through its professional management and its highly motivated workforce for the benefit of all of its stakeholders. In OPM everyone is required to deliver results in terms of anticipation of needs, quality service delivery for the benefit of customers.

Port History

Nouakchott, or place of winds, is the capital city of Mauritania and one of the newest capitals in the world. It is located near the West African Atlantic coast and was developed as the capital of Mauritania after it gained independence in 1960. The cities growth focuses on a square, the Place de l'Indépendence, and includes an airport and industrial area. It is centrally located on the main north-south highway, connecting the more populated agricultural south with the sparsely populated but mineral-rich north.

Mauritania had always had to rely on neighboring ports, for it only had the fishing harbor of Nouadhibou, located in the extreme North-West, without any useful links to the Southern, Central and eastern parts of the country. Several projects to build a port were consequently contemplated but due to the peculiar configuration of the coast line which includes a sandy coast, lack of natural safe havens and moving sand banks it did not justify building a traditional harbor with quays.

Our Mission


To be the leading container terminal in and the gateway to the world by delivering the highest standards of service to all our clients through employee empowerment, teamwork and partnership.

Then there are our inherent commitments as a business organization: to provide excellent growth opportunities for our employees; to build successful, mutually rewarding businesses with our corporate partners.


We intend to focus our resources on what we do best: container terminal management, operations and development. These resources shall be allocated and continuously re-invested to improve and upgrade our organization and manpower, information technology, support structures and cargo handling equipment to ensure world-class operating standards in all the ports we currently operate and will operate in the future.


Three Words That Define Us


We are committed to safety in all of our operations. Safeguarding our employees, our customers and their cargo, our company assets, and the environment in which we operate will always come first.


We strive for professionalism in all aspects of our customer service and terminal operations. This means we act with honesty and integrity, upholds the highest ethical standards, and demonstrates honesty and fairness in every action we take. We are always respectful towards our people, customers, and property, while maintaining an environment of teamwork, growth, and safety.


We take great pride in our terminals, our work, the local communities, and most importantly, our people.

Pride in what we do because helping our customers and partners to achieve their goals is our first priority.

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